June First Friday: Conflicts, Concessions and Convergence


       Conflicts, Concessions and Convergence

  First Friday with New Boon(e)

“What happens when two artists decide to work together in a diplomacy of art, where the conversation between both artists is visible in the work? In this adventure into the unknown what will be the byproduct? This alchemy of art; will it birth gold or a terrifying mutant? We challenge two artists, dis-similar or similar to create work exploring the notion of the nature of collaboration. “This first Friday, June 6th, New Boon(e) will be hosting a member and outside artist juried show. Conflicts, Concessions and Convergence will include painters, sculptures, performance artists and more, working in visual and technical collaboration. Join us for this unique unveiling from 6pm to 10pm, with open studio hours the following Saturday and Sunday, 12pm to 5pm. Refreshments and discussion always provided.

See you then,

New Boon(e)


SEMICOLON: publication release party and small works exhibition

 Friday May 2, 6-10pm – SEMICOLON Publication release party
MFA Book_cover Rd7_Page_1
Join us for the release of SEMICOLON and a small works exhibition by the Tyler School of Art MFA class of 2014.
SEMICOLON is the third large-scale collaborative publication by the Tyler School of Art MFA 2014 candidates and the graduate students in the Art History program. The publication features work by the graduating artists, a variety accompanying texts which came out of discussions with the artists and MA/PhD art history candidates, and four lengthier essays by the contemporary art historians. Copies of SEMICOLON will be available at the release party.
Accompanying the publication release is a small works show by Tyler MFA 2014 candidates including artists from the departments of Ceramics, Glass, Fibers and Material Studies, Graphic and Interactive Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

Crit Night February 10th


Our artist for this month, Check them out!

Dot Vile
Differences in human physique are inner and outer: male, with his capability to act outwardly, and female, with her inward capacity to endure pressure. To equate these bodily roles to roles within a home has become either outdated or embraced.

I directly compare cloth with femininity. Structurally, both hold traits of deep-seated fragility. Single threads, repetitively built up, construct cloth. Our body repeats a single cycle, preparing itself to bear. A womb and a blanket act nest-like while adapting to what they hold. Similarly, bricks and cement become a shell of a building, seemingly strong, on par with man. I exploit such materials by forcing a raw interaction between them, exposing a strength, weakness and resilience in each. I work this way to investigate the homelike qualities of masculine and feminine balance.

Mike Dvorka, Painter, Writer and member of New Boon(e)

Anne Pagana  works in painting, videos, or just whatever works. She is also a member of New Boon(e)





DIMITRA ERMEIDOU will be showing her new body of work, Power Players Projected, at New Boone on the First Friday of February. The following day New Boone with hold a discussion about the work with Dimitra Ermeidou. Please join us this coming first Friday and the following Saturday!

About Dimitra’s Power Players:

Event Details:
Exhibition: February 6-10, 2014, Reception: First Friday, February 7, from 6.30pm, Artist Talk: Saturday, February 8, at 2.00pm

Knight Arts Review of the OFF WHITE BEAST

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 4.11.50 PM

Here is a link to a review of the Off White Beast performance this past week! Thank you to our friends at Knight Arts!  http://www.knightarts.org/community/philadelphia/new-boone-off-white-beast

Also Here are some images from the show

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Critique Nite Tuesday the 28th

This next Tuesday, January 21st, at New Boon(e), New Boon(e) is hosting a Critique Nite at 7pm! Two New Boon(e) artist’s Anna Decaria and Zac Beaver will show their works along with Ben Coover from Bait. Here is some information about the artists.


The Artists:

Anna Decaria
Fibers, Performer
New Boon(e)

Ben Coover
Video, Performer
“We get really complacent about what sounds we link to what visuals, and the red face came out of wanting to be both a. a devil with the voice of an angel, and b. outside of gender. My music is written/performed from a gender-ambiguous perspective, too. The latest things I’ve been writing are love songs, but more to interact with the tropes of writing love songs than because of any greater emotional drive to do so. I’m interested in the artifice and reality and distance and warmth of performance, how you can talk about something incredibly intimate and expect people to latch onto some universal ideas and relate to you while in your head all that’s going on is trying to remember the next word or note.”

Zac Beaver
New Boon(e)

Off White Beast

Off White Beast Performance Jan13

And in Sweet Heart City, in the neighborhood called Snake Belly that is the part of town that never stays in the same part of town, lives a monster. A monster they all call the Off White Beast. And the Off White Beast is horrible in the word’s most absolute way. He is the kind of monster that contains only pain and has felt it for a very, very, very long time and the only way he knows how to deal with it is to share it. He will never again enjoy a hot meal. He will never again have good sex or even any sex at all. He will never again know friendship and he has been away from it for so long that he doesn’t remember the way it feels. But before being gifted and cursed with immortality, before being invited in through bedroom windows night after night by slow red faced Unfortunates, before God partitioned their voice for him, before he even tricked God in the first place he was human. He was an Unfortunate.

Come to New Boon(e) Collective and Gallery for a story telling performance by Joshua Francis Beaver (JoshuaFrancisBeaver.com) to learn how the Off White Beast became what he is. There will be music, dance, storytelling, and food by Chef Pat Higgins. And also a solo acoustic performance by Stephen Ignatius Fitzpatrick.

January 23rd Doors at 7:45pm, performances beginning at 8pm. 253 N. 3rd st. Old City, Philadelphia. $5.

December First Friday: Selling Out for the Holidays


Dear Old City,
New Boon(e) is selling out for the Holidays!
Your beloved Boonies invite you to come to our Holiday Art Market Sale. Both members and non-members will be selling moderately priced Art wares for the Holiday Season. There will be paintings, craft wares, and possibly even back scratches for sale on the evening of Friday, December 6th and then again from 11am to 5pm on Saturday the 7th. Plus music by Oluwafemi during Saturday’s sale.

Love, The Boonies.